If there is one word that best describes our policy at the Educational Travel Consultancy, it is flexibility.  The reason none of our itineraries have costings attached is because we treat each client individually and listen to their needs carefully. 

We are fully aware of pricing in the market and the need for schools to be cautious with expenses.  There are plenty of companies which offer inexpensive arrangements. It is not our intention to criticize other companies, but rather to explain that you get what you pay for.  We use quality staff, and experienced drivers and guides all licensed by the government. We ensure that all facilities are properly inspected for cleanliness and safety, and that all activities are handled by licensed professionals with proper insurance coverage.  Our number one priority when working with schools is the safety of the students.

Each of the companies which comprise the Educational Travel Consultancy are well established with proven records and have been providing quality services to client schools for more than thirty years.  That does not mean, we expect you to take our programs carte blanche. If you need to bring the costs down, we will work with you to do it in a manner that does not affect your overall experience. If you look at our itineraries, you will see the details provided for each day as well as the quality of the hotels based on the requests you made for services on the questionnaire.  For most cities, there are hotels of varying size, quality, and location. Every destination is a little different. If you need us to reduce the costs, we can drop down a notch and find a less expensive accommodation, hopefully without sacrificing too much in quality.

There are other ways that costs can be reduced. We can use public transportation rather than private coaches. We can remove restaurant dinners from the itinerary to allow participants to choose their own dining venues. We can arrange accommodation in hostels. We can provide limited assistance on the trips, that is, no guide or escort regularly assigned to the group…..These are just some of the ways to cut the costs.  It’s up to you to choose the specific arrangements that will fit your needs and budget requirements most closely.

Air arrangements are another area that you can work on to reduce costs. We can make recommendations of flight schedules using good reliable airlines that coordinate well with our itineraries. But you are free to choose a different airline as you feel suitable. We usually have an afternoon activity arranged if you have a morning flight arrival. However, if a later flight arrival schedule will save a significant amount of money, then you should consider this alternative as well.

Another important factor to note is that if you wish to either extend your trip, or shorten your itinerary, or take selected features from one itinerary and add them to another, we can do so.  Our flexibility allows us to add items, delete features, and change according to how you want to design your trip.  Remember that the itineraries can be used as they are; but they can also be changed to reflect the specific features that you want included in your trip.

It is simply up to you, our client, to let us know what you want, and we will make every effort to provide you with the best possible trip within your school’s budget.  And if you don’t find a trip that has precisely what you are looking for, let us know, and our experienced professionals will design the trip for you according to your own specifications.

As we mentioned earlier, one of our greatest qualities in the Educational Travel Consultancy is our flexibility.  We are ready and willing to work with you to design the trip that you want at a cost that meets your needs. We have found from our satisfied clients that this method of pricing provides the lowest and most accurate costs according to the precise needs and requirements of each client.

So, after you have had a chance to look at the itineraries you selected, and you would like details about the costing, simply send us your completed questionnaire informing us of the itineraries you are interested in, and the details we will need to prepare your personalized costing.  We will get to work immediately on designing your personalized travel experience.  There is no charge or obligation for our itineraries, or for information concerning any of the trips, or for arranging a personal presentation at your school.  We’re here to help make your trip-planning and travel arrangements hassle-free.  When you are ready, we will provide you with the assistance you need.  And remember, we can always make changes according to your specific needs.