There are more than 130 specially designed educational and experiential itineraries covering more than 80 destinations around the world from which you may choose.  These itineraries have been cross-referenced into several categories for easy selection and quick access:

  • Action and Service Trips
  • Adventure Trips
  • Art Trips
  • Christian Themed Trips
  • City Itineraries
  • Heritage and Cultural Experiences
  • Israel Trips
  • Science and S.T.E.M. Itineraries
  • Sport Itineraries
  • Summer Adventures
  • Theater, Drama, and Music Itineraries
  • University Visits

Each of these categories can be quickly accessed by scrolling down the Home Page to the appropriate box.  There is one additional category which contains ALL the destination itineraries together in one country-by-country list.  This is the first to appear on the Home Page and is called “All Destinations”.  Within this category, you will find more than 80 destinations alphabetically identified with all relevant itineraries listed under each.

Prices have intentionally not been included.  As all the itineraries are completely flexible and tailor-made according to the clients’ needs, these itineraries should be considered the starting point for you to design the trip that is right for you.

  • Select a few destinations that interest you.
  • Read the itineraries carefully and compare the attributes of each one.
  • After you have determined the destinations you want, highlight the activities that you want to include in your trip, and also identify the ones that you do not want.
  • Identify all additional activities you would like to add to the itinerary that are not currently included (for example, an evening cultural program, a cycling trip in the countryside, etc.). Also include places that you would like to visit (such as particular museums, a visit to a factory, etc.) that may not have been included in the itinerary.
  • Decide whether you would like a community service activity included during the trip. This could be anything from building a school in a poor country to visiting an orphanage or a clinic in a developing country, from working with the mentally handicapped or physically disabled to helping the poor or homeless recover from a natural disaster.
  • Decide whether you would like to include an integrated school visit at a local school, if available. We have excellent school integration programs in many cities from Prague and Barcelona to Cape Town and Delhi that have been very popular over the years.
  • Choose the kind of accommodation you want….
    • From very basic to 4 star
    • How many students to share a room
    • How many teachers / chaperones in a room
      • Individual rooms? Or shared rooms?
    • Do you need any special amenities or services
      • Meeting room
      • Swimming pool
      • Computer room or business center
    • What about meals?
      • Do you want all meals included during the trip?
      • Do you want breakfast at the hotel, and dinner in a typical restaurant that locals would enjoy?
      • Do you want lunches provided, or would you prefer to be pointed in the right direction to find your own lunches….soups, sandwiches, fruits, etc.?
    • Identify the approximate dates you would like to travel. (months, and days if you know them).
    • Keep in mind that all itineraries are flexible and can be adapted for summer programs as well as for use during the school year and public holidays.
    • Minimum and maximum duration of the overseas trip
    • Approximate number of participants that you anticipate
    • Student / teacher ratio that you prefer to use. (Normally our costs are based on one free teacher/chaperone to every ten paying students.)

Once you have considered all the points above, enter the information on the Questionnaire provided and send it back to us with your preferences and details.  We will get to work immediately to prepare your individual tailor-made itineraries and costings for as many of the destinations you would like to consider.  Costings will be based on the time of year you choose to travel and the level of accommodation you select, as well as the meal plan you choose and the additional services you would like to include.  Hotel rates and ground transport costs fluctuate throughout the year depending upon the season, just as airfares do.  But we will work with you to find the plan that works best for your budget.  When you receive your customized itineraries and costings, look them over carefully.  If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of the trip, let us know immediately so that we can remedy the situation to your satisfaction.

If at any time while you are studying the itineraries you have a question or a concern, please give us a call or send us an email.  We are here to serve you and make certain that the trip(s) you select are exactly to your needs.